The district - Moxie Mini BMX Bike



Now you have a reason to go into your backyard and learn some tricks because “The DISTRICT” is here! An ultimate showstopper, “I am amazed to find such a sick bike from MOXIE”, said Dan Steele, a pro RedBull BMX Rider from Phoenix Arizona. There are more reasons for you to excuse yourself from school or work and hit the park and challenge yourself to some cool bunnyhopping or double-peg. The most exciting feature on the DISTRICT is the top load aluminium MOXIE stem, fitted on a high-tensile strength steel frame. The DISTRICT mini BMX trick bike is straight-up a winner and will not let you become a dead sailor on the ramp. The 3-piece bottom bracket is a sure-shot straight fit to the 25T Aluminium chain-ring. It is just amazing to see how the custom painted saddle goes with the “Big Boy” freestyle handle bars. Seeing this awesome little bike with custom paint job and ODI style grips make for a sleek looking machine. The little trick bike is all about what you want to do and how you want to take the bike to its limits. The DISTRICT is made to handle rugged terrain and rule the yard. Moxie is working round the clock to ensure every component on your bicycle is working properly. As any racer knows, the bike fit is the most important aspect while purchasing a bike. The design is built for those seeking a hardwearing, long-lasting machine that is built keeping the highest degree of craft in mind and tailor an insanely good-product for you.


  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Threadless Forks
  • Top Load Aluminum Moxie Stem
  • Freestyle "Big Boy" Handle Bars
  • 3 Piece Bottom Bracket/Crankset
  • 10 Inch Moxie Rubber Tire
  • 25T Aluminum Chain-Ring
  • 9T Patent Pending Free Wheel
  • F&R Bearing Axle
  • "ODI Style" Grips
  • Custom Painted Saddle
  • Flat Trick Poly-Pedals


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