The vert - Moxie Mini BMX Bike



The VERT mini trick bike is the untamed trick demon on the street. The 2015 edition of this stunning new MOXIE BMX bike is a sure shot winner. Keeping in sync with the latest specifications in the industry, the VERT is a step-ahead of its competitors. The VERT is a no-age limit, true shredder to match your adrenaline rush in the skate park. The frame on this mini bike is made of hi-tensile strength steel and houses a top-load Aluminum Moxie stem for greater efficiency. The bottom bracket is a 3-piece crank holding a 25-T chain ring connecting the front and rear bearing axle. The setup is a better than most other mini BMX bikes available in the market. The ODI styled grips are made from best quality vulcanized rubber to maintain softness and control on the steering. The smooth finish and paint-job on the bike matches with the custom painted saddle. The two-wheel mini bike is easy to store and barely needs any maintenance. Installation of pegs is pretty simple and straightforward for those looking to perform grind, stalls and stand-ons during maneuvers on flatland. The overall bike design is suited for those looking to stretch their limits and prepare themselves for some serious shredding. The VERT is an ideal bike for performing rhythms and rollbacks. No matter how much you play and have fun with this super-amazing and rad mini-bike, your heart will yearn to get back on your local backyard ramp.


  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Threadless Forks
  • Top Load Aluminum Moxie Stem
  • Freestyle "Big Boy" Handle Bars
  • 3 Piece Bottom Bracket/Crankset
  • 10 Inch Moxie Rubber Tire
  • 25T Aluminum Chain-Ring
  • 9T Patent Pending Free Wheel
  • F&R Bearing Axle
  • "ODI Style" Grips
  • Custom Painted Saddle
  • Flat Trick Poly-Pedals


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