The park - Moxie Mini BMX Bike



The PARK mini BMX stunt bike is an all new rage in the mini BMX community. Hi-tensile steel frame, top load aluminum MOXIE stem and a 3 piece bottom bracket is just some of the standard specifications you can expect on the PARK. Whether you are a pro or an amateur seeking to gain up some ranks in your local neighborhood yard, you can be assured that your bike is made from the best available manufacturing processes and designed in partnership with top riders. The PARK mini BMX bike comes with threadless forks and a 9T patent pending Free Wheel. The PARK has been the favorite of the design team at MOXIE, among all other mini bikes due to the hot Red color with a silver handle bar combo. The bike is smooth to pedal and holds the rider’s weight comfortably. The products used in manufacturing the mini trick bike dictate its performance on the street. It up to you, do you want to compromise on performance or go with the winner. The PARK is an amazing combo of real BMX style components. The bikes are designed for the riders, by the riders and considering the recommendations from some of the top pro’s in the BMX arena. From 360o, rail slides to tail-whips, the PARK mini BMX trick bike is suited to step-up your game and have a fun-evening with your friends. For those looking for best specs and sick looks, there’s no need to compromise!


  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Threadless Forks
  • Top Load Aluminum Moxie Stem
  • Freestyle "Big Boy" Handle Bars
  • 3 Piece Bottom Bracket/Crankset
  • 10 Inch Moxie Rubber Tire
  • 25T Aluminum Chain-Ring
  • 9T Patent Pending Free Wheel
  • F&R Bearing Axle
  • "ODI Style" Grips
  • Custom Painted Saddle
  • Flat Trick Poly-Pedals


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