The epic - Moxie Mini BMX Bike



Moxie brings a rewarding experience for all BMX enthusiasts with its drooling collection of Mini BMX bikes.

This nasty trick bike has loads of surprises for those who want to shred any pump track or engage in bunnyhopping all the way. Suitable for all ages, the Moxie Mini is definitely a step ahead of its rivals to give you clean landing on every jump.

The EPIC mini BMX bike comes with a high tensile steel frame that means it is suitable for all groups and works surprisingly well under heavy stress conditions. Threadless forks make life so much easier without having to unwrap or remove levers to change bars.

The aluminium stem on Moxie EPIC is perfect for park, street, and skate shredders. With Big Boy handle bars, this BMX bike suits the need of all adrenaline-filled junkies. A 3-piece bottom bracket allows smooth crank rotation. The 10-inch Moxie rubber tire gives all the grip you need to show your sick tricks. A 25-T Aluminum chain ring is made of high quality and grade cast aluminum that ensure long-life of your BMX bike.

The new model comes with a savvy ODI style grip for maximum comfort to forearms and wrist. A flat trick-poly pedal will ensure you never blow on rough spots. The EPIC is going to let you bar-spin with ease. A perfectly matched steel frame with a rad drivetrain is a sick combination for riding trails near your neighborhood. From tail whip, stall, grind to disaster, this bike is made to take it all!


  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Threadless Forks
  • Top Load Aluminum Moxie Stem
  • Freestyle "Big Boy" Handle Bars
  • 3 Piece Bottom Bracket/Crankset
  • 10 Inch Moxie Rubber Tire
  • 25T Aluminum Chain-Ring
  • 9T Patent Pending Free Wheel
  • F&R Bearing Axle
  • "ODI Style" Grips
  • Custom Painted Saddle
  • Flat Trick Poly-Pedals


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