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Welcome to MiniBMXworld,

we are a well-reputed retailer and distributors of the Original Mini BMX trick Bikes.

The business objective for us is pretty simple – not to mess around! Our business values are deeply rooted to the availability of best BMX freestyle products and promotion of mini BMX and BMX racing industry. Our experts understand what you want. It is simple for us – cheap headsets and single cranks simply just don’t get you the experience we want you to have! Standard best quality cranks and nothing less is our ideology. We have latest stock of the raddest mini Moxie BMX trick bikes and micro BMX bikes. Here you can expect the best of BMX “ODI Style” stems, free wheels, super light pedals, grips and bash proof cranks!

Our company operates through an online shop dedicated to bringing you the most authentic and well-reputed mini and micro BMX bikes along with durable BMX parts. Every soul working at miniBMXworld rides and shares a passion for the two wheels. Moxie mini BMX trick bikes are designed by BMX riders that bring a wealth of industry experience with them. Collectively, we are dedicated to creating a pleasurable experience for you with great, round-the-clock customer support, at the best possible value.

I hope we have given you everything under the roof. In case you have any questions about anything, please feel free to drop in at our store or mail us your query directly. We are also on Facebook and Twitter to help you reach us directly. Our contact details are provided below.

Happy BMX’ing !



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