Title: BMX Ramp Riding on a Moving Lorry

A versatile BMX rider, Daniel Dhers decides to take on a BMX ramp during the peak hours in Peru. The five time X-games gold medallist didn’t hesitate to take a leap on the wooden ramp built on a long haul trailer for the promotion of Red Bull. Sticking a mini ramp on the back of a mini-lorry seems insane enough but it is taken to levels of extreme insanity when the Daniel attempts to show-off his bar-spins and 360o on the moving trailer. There are definitely more insane things on the internet when it comes to showing-off BMX skills but Red Bull deserves full marks on bringing the art of BMX riding to the people of Peru that would generate an interest in the community. Whether such thing would be legal in other countries is a matter of local jurisdiction.

The mini ramp gets ridden by Daniel while the lorry is moving shows the great amount of skills needed to adjust to the horizontal shift of the ramp caused by the lorry. This is totally an insane thing to do considering the vertical gap between the ground and the base of the ramp but Daniel Dhers is known for pulling off some the craziest of stunts. The shredding is amazing to watch as he leaves the crowd with mesmerized. The slow moving traffic in Lima, Peru gave Daniel an ideal opportunity to mix his slick tricks with the slow moving lorry while adjusting his body and bike to accommodate the lorry movement. Overall, I would give Daniel Dhers full marks for performing such a stunt and to Red Bull for coming up with an innovative concept to promote BMX biking in the neighborhoods of Peru.

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